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Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Pruneau Polli Funeral Home. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

My mom passed away unexpectedly earlier this year and I felt so lost. I live in New York so I wasn't familiar with the area or who to contact. Pruneau-Polli Funeral Home was suggested to me by a friend of my mom and I am so thankful for the help Duffy provided! He was incredibly kind, patient, and understanding while I tried to make arrangements from another state. I trusted Duffy after our first conversation and am grateful for the extra care received during the worst time of my life.

Angela Dulac May 08, 2023
5 stars

I can't say enough how incredible Duffy and his son were while preparing the arrangements for my mother's funeral. During this time of grief, Duffy was polite, professional and respectful of all of our wishes. He made himself available 24/7 for any questions or concerns we had. He took care of coordinating the cemetery, church, calling hours and anything we needed. All we can say is thank you for all you do! Richard and Kelly Cleveland

Richard and Kelly Cleveland March 18, 2023
5 stars

I lost my husband Laurent Lessard on August 27, 2022. With the help of Duffy and Cecile, they helped me and my family with all the arrangements to honor my husband. They were able to tell us exactly what we needed to do, and they were able to do a lot of the stuff for us. We can't thank them enough for all they did. Thanks again, Ginette Lessard, Lorraine Bishop, Larry Lessard and their families.

Ginette Lessard March 04, 2023
5 stars

When my daughter died unexpectedly last spring I was sorely afraid that I faced the same sort of treatment from the funeral industry that my sister had had to deal with when her husband died - an unresponsive, unhelpful funeral director that held her husband's body hostage until the bill was paid in full. Luckily, I made a much better choice. For several years my daughter lived quite near the Pruneau-Polli Funeral Home. I often passed by, sometimes several times a day. For years rain or shine there was an elderly gentleman out in the yard sweeping, mowing, tending the flowers, painting the curbs. He always had a smile and a wave and though I didn't know him personally, over the years he felt like a friend. So, when I was asked where my daughter should be taken I somehow knew that any establishment that took such care of their appearance would take that same care of my daughter. I was not wrong. The elderly gentleman was no longer there, but Duffy was and my experience couldn't have been more different than my sister's. Duffy was friendly and knowledgeable about all the ins & outs. We chose to have my daughter cremated as we had to wait weeks for the memorial service in order to allow her sisters to get home from halfway around the world. Duffy & his son took care of the cremation in such a timely way. She didn't have to wait until the entire bill was paid in full. They even played Dawn's favorite Duran Duran and Boy George as they took her on her last journey. That kind of care meant a lot to me. Duffy helped me plan a memorial service and even accommodated our request to hold it on a Sunday afternoon. He was with me every step of the way, even to the filling in of her grave. Over the weeks Duffy became a friend, a sturdy shoulder to lean on. I still owe him some Southern-style pulled pork barbecue. I couldn't possibly have chosen a better funeral home or a better funeral director. Pruneau-Polli under Duffy is now the "family" funeral home. I couldn't possibly recommend them more highly.

Robin Bassett January 31, 2023
5 stars

Over a year ago my wife Laura and I brought my dad back to his birthplace of Barre, VT to begin end of life planning. Pruneau-Polli Funeral Home has handled the services for multiple generations of my family. So for us it was an easy decision to ask them for guidance in planning my dad’s services. We met with Paul and Duffy at that time and was taken through all the planning options. It gave my dad a sense of contentment and put his heart at ease to know his kids wouldn't have to make plans and decisions after he passed. On March 4, 2022 when my dad passed, our first call was to Duffy. The call was made in the middle of the night and Duffy picked up the phone on the second ring and took control of what needed to be done. Duffy had reached out to a local funeral home in advance of his passing, and had already made arrangements for them to handle my dads transfer and cremation. We live about 3 1/2 hours from Barre so we were anxious about how all this would happen. But in our time of sorrow, Duffy’s professionalism and compassion made everything go smoothly and we had no worries or concerns about this difficult transition. During the five months between my dad‘s passing and the actual service in VT, Duffy periodically touched base with us, communicated what we needed to take care of and was always available when we had any questions. Everything on the day of the service went as planned. Duffy kept us informed and checked in on us throughout every step to make sure we were satisfied and pleased with what was going on. Without any hesitation, we would highly recommend Duffy and the Pruneau-Polli Funeral home. You will be in good hands. Mark & Laura Hudson, MA

Mark and Laura Beaudoin September 02, 2022
5 stars

Duffy Ballard is a compassionate, professional, and loving person. Death Sucks! I can’t handle it. Yet you held the hand of ALL of my family at the darkest hour. I’ll NEVER forget your compassion, guidance, and kindness. After our very private wake for my Mom, we headed to our private reception. Shortly after arriving, the phone rang and it was Duffy asking for me to tell him a few of my Mom’s favorite songs so he could play them for her on the way to the crematorium. Duffy Ballard, we will forever be grateful for your true empathy and support during such a difficult time. Tina Routhier

Tina Routhier August 09, 2022
5 stars

We recently lost my father to a long hard fought battle to cancer.... Non of this was easy, in the last days having to prepare for dad's services we chose Pruneau-polli to direct the service. (Dad would have had it no other way) My mom sister brother and I worked directly with duffy for a few weeks leading up and he and cieal couldn't have been more professional and accommodating in my family's biggest time of need. If any of us had a need or concern Duffy handled it professional and promptly I would recommend there services to anyone Thank you Pruneau-pollie funeral home and all involved

Matthew Bradley August 07, 2022
5 stars

Our family had worked with Paul and Cecile several times over the years and change is never easy to adjust to. But Duffy and Cort are working hard to make the transition easier for everyone. Our needs were taken care of upon the loss of our mother in a prompt and caring manner. Duffy was available when I needed him during the funeral planning stage. I'm thankful for the work Duffy and Cort did to help us carry out a proper good-bye to our mother.

Stephanie P. July 02, 2022
5 stars

Duffy showed up quickly and took amazing care of my father-in-law (Francis “Lee” White). We traveled from out of state and Duffy made himself available for us as we arrived after business hours. He had a sincere conversation with us on the condition of our loved one and walked us through the process with compassion and love. Thank you for treating us like family in our difficult time. Duffy Ballard gets 5 stars from the White Family.

Jenn White January 22, 2022
0 star

Very compassionate and caring. I never felt pressured into spending more than I felt was appropriate. Flexible when it came my Mom’s service especially as we held the ceremony six days after my Mom’s death.

Karen B.
5 stars

To Duff and Cort, can't begin to say how much you helped with my husband funeral.Don't meet to many people with the compassion you have.Answer questions that sounded foolish,but answer and care.You were made for this job.Can't thank you enough.Nicole and family

Nicole Nichols May 07, 2023
5 stars

Just a short note to Duffy and everyone at Pruneau-Polli for the wonderful treatment we received when my father, Edward Ferrari, Sr. passed away. Duffy was kind, caring, compassionate and professional through all of the preparations for dad's funeral. The ceremony was carried out with dignity. Thank you Duffy for all you did for our family. You made it easier to say goodby to Dad.

Edward & Denise Ferrari, Jr March 06, 2023
5 stars

Duffy and his staff were very pleasant and caring to our needs and helping with any questions and even helping with the financial parts to make sure we could get through the financial strain after loosing our dad. He came very early in the morning hours and it didn't even phase them! They were respectful and honored our wishes which really meant a lot to all of us. 5 Stars from us!

Monica Hobbs February 09, 2023
5 stars

I had not met Duffy Ballard until the actual date of my brother's funeral. It all had to be arranged long distance but Duffy was always responsive to my phone calls, E-Mails, etc. in a most timely manner. Duffy was considerate, kind, and his attention to details and requests was meticulous! He reached out to my family members and showed genuine caring and compassion to all of us. I am sure that my brother is resting in peace, knowing that all of his pre-planned wishes were carried out in such a dedicated, professional manner. I also would like to comment on the cooperative efforts of the funeral home and the church for assuring all those wishes were acknowledged and put into place. There was a totally seamless transition from the funeral home to the funeral service, and then to the graveside for prayers. I am grateful to all for making this very sad time softened and easier for all of us. Thank you!

Meredith S Arnold January 28, 2023
5 stars

After losing our son two years ago we were put into contact with Paul and Duffy at Pruneau-Polli Funeral Home. The compassion, respect and support that they gave us made navigating a horrible tragedy much less stressful and confusing than it could have been. After losing our aunt last week there was no question that we would be calling Duffy again. He and Cort go above and beyond by answering calls and messages quickly and outside of typical business hours, helping us to find a pastor for the funeral, making recommendations for various services, and doing it all with genuine kindness and compassion. These gentlemen are not in this business for the money, it is truly their calling to comfort and support families at their most painful moments.

Brandi Tracy August 15, 2022
5 stars

I lost my dad in October. Duffy and his son arrived to pick up my dad with the upmost respect and professionalism one could have in the wee hours of the morning.... The next day I arrived at the funeral home to make the arrangements and plans for my dads services and Duffy was compassionate yet thorough. . The next day Duffy handled everything on his own, unexpectedly due to Paul being ill, with ease and super hero capabilities! He pulled it off perfectly without flaw!! I highly recommend letting The Ballard's handle all of your needs in your time of sorrow.

Vicki Langevin August 08, 2022
5 stars

I recently lost my aunt after I long battle with Alzheimer’s. She raised me and I took care of her until she passed. It’s never easy to lose a loved one, as we all know. The care & compassion given to me &; my family by Duffy & Cort was above & beyond. I grew up knowing Paul & Cecile and I was very close to them. After Paul’s passing I knew it was going to be difficult to have anyone else caring for my aunt after she passed. The comfort I had knowing that Paul trained Duffy made the transition much easier. Duffy has suffered many personal losses himself, his own children & mom so he knows what it’s like to be on the other side of this. When someone is grieving they can’t always think straight while doing the planning, like me, but Duffy had me covered! I just can’t say enough about both Duffy & Cort. They did a fantastic job while being compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process. Thank you guys for being fantastic humans! ❤️

Nikki Laprade August 06, 2022
5 stars

Duffy and Cort made the process of putting my son to rest as easy as it could ever possibly be. The level of compassion and professionalism made the worst moment of my life so much less painful than I had anticipated. I am forever grateful for the kindness they showed to my family and the wonderful and respectful handling of my precious boy.

Darla Richardson June 28, 2022
5 stars

Thank you for all your amazing care for many of my family members throughout the years. Your assistance with my mothers recent post death process was thoughtful, thorough & compassionate. Much love and Aloha

Angel M.
5 stars